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Experience the life changing effects of yoga by practicing for 30 consecutive days!

Take this transformational journey with us and you will experience the amazing benefits it will have on you and those that surround you. Set your intentions and join the ride! At the end of the challenge, all participants who completed the 30 classes in 30 days will be entered into a draw to win a 3 month unlimited yoga pass. Winners will be announced in the Maa Newsletter.



The 30 Day challenge is an opportunity to transform your life.

It will teach you how to tap into the deepest resources of strength and vitality within you. Through this program, you will experience:

  • Increased strength

  • Improved flexibility and circulation

  • Possible weight loss

  • Definite stress reduction

  • Improved focus

  • A better, healthier body image

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Improved eating habits

This program will challenge your personal philosophy about your body and its abilities.

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Keeping a Daily Journal

  • Try different styles of yoga. We offer a wide range of yoga styles. You can choose a class that is strong and athletic, or one that is more relaxed depending on how your feeling

  • Bring a friend or two along, and support each other on the journey

  • Make time for yourself

  • Eat organic fresh local whole foods

  • Drink plenty of water


Students wanting to participate in the challenge with pre-existing monthly and yearly passes must purchase the 30 Day Challenge pass to participate in the challenge. Challenge participants with pre-existing passes will have their passes frozen and/or extended until after the event finishes. — Everyone and every body can do the challenge!

Participants must complete 30 classes in 30 days to be entered into the draw, the pass winner will be announced in the Maa Newsletter. Only the following exceptions will be permitted: Should you miss a day of practice, you may make it up by doing 2 classes in one day, we do not encourage this however. Once a week you can practice in another studio other than Maa. Verification of payment by receipt is required. Home practice does not apply.