The Breath Empowerment is one of the most intensely powerful breathing practices you will ever find.

Join us with renowned Throat Singer and Sound Healing Artist Matthew Kocel this Saturday, July 8th for the 'Breath Empowerment' workshop, an experience that will resonate with you on the deepest level.  As in Matthew’s sound healing journeys, this sacred practice routinely produces a profound experience for anyone willing to sincerely try it. The Breath Empowerment is done lying down on a yoga mat and no prior experience is necessary. It is one of the few physical exercises you can do that increases your body’s alkalinity; this is extremely healing as massive amounts of energy enter your body and create an engine-like vibration.

Matthew will be right there to guide you through the process and prepare you for the next phase of the adventure – a transformational sound healing journey. His beautiful acoustic music and harmonic throat singing will gently take you into states of exquisite peace, healing and insight. Together these two practices create an “off the charts” experience!

When: Saturday, July 8th, 2017
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Cost: $40+gst

I have 30 Years experience in Yoga and Tai Chi and I’ve never felt energy like this before…
— Workshop Participant


Matthew Kocel, renowned Throat Singer and Sound Healing Artist, is known for his mind-melting vocal harmonics and soul awakening music.  His vision of world peace and uniting humanity can be felt through his music.  

His fans say Kocel's music transports them beyond ordinary states of consciousness.

Kocel has gained a reputation for creating harmonic overtones with his voice - two, three, or more notes at the same time - that vibrate to the core of your being with extraordinary sensations, awakening a deep inner presence beyond words.

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