Lorena believes we all have the power to create the life we want and choose how we share our energy with the world, and it all lies within.

Lorena has been practicing & living yoga for 10 years and offering classes, workshops, and retreats internationally, since 2012. Yoga for her has been a journey of  transformation, and growth.

She believes in yoga as an integrated practice that gives us the opportunity to live our authentic selves from a space of love, courage & truth. A holistic system that serves as a sacred tool to nurture the relationship with ourselves, others, and our surroundings, to reveal what needs to be seen,  transform fear into a source of wisdom, and expand our consciousness.

With every class, every offering, she seeks to inspire people,  the way her teachers have inspired her, to create their own unique journey by connecting to themselves, detaching from conditioned truths, and listening to inner wisdom. 

Her classes are dynamic, organic sequences designed to move with the body, flow with the breath, and feel with the soul. She combines  asana, meditation, breath-work and integrates her own Mexican roots.