Max first met the world of wellbeing and consciousness when he traveled to New Zealand, leaving behind his comfort zone where he grew up in Argentina.

In this magical land, he was first introduced into meditation and then into yoga which led him to question his life’s direction and intention.

He then kept traveling all over the world in search of new adventures, new lessons. He spent time in Australia, India, Peru, Mexico, in the US, in the Andean mountains of Argentina and in several other places where he studied and collected a vast variety of healing modalities and spiritual practices that led him where he is today.

Max is a certified Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Meditation teacher as well as a Sound and Crystal Healing Practitioner. During a healing session with Max, you will experience a deep sense of relaxation and depth while listening to the sounds created by his instruments, which will allow the energy of the crystals work on your own body’s energy. Max believes that while healing ourselves we release all layers of tension that prevent us from seeing reality as it truly is, which leads to a heart-centered life full of Joy and happiness.

Crystal Sound Healing sessions (1.5 Hours), Contribution: $90

Call: 778 955 7105
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