mentorship at maa

This program is ideal for teachers who have just graduated from a 200hr Yoga Teacher training or students currently enrolled in a 200hr program, or those wanting to investigate becoming a yoga teacher.

This program consists of 3 modules. Each module can be taken separately at any time or consecutively. Each module is spanned over 30 days.  Each module is $350.00 + tax.

The Modules include five hours of one on one time with Farhad.

In this time you will learn to be a teacher. Some areas covered will be going over sequencing, finding your voice, adjustments/corrections, in class demos, vinyasa, use of props, restorative postures, observing yoga classes, yoga as a business, and how to work with beginners.

Included in the cost is a yoga pass to practice daily at maa yoga during each module.

For 200hr YA certified teachers, after all modules are completed and all criteria is met the student teacher will be added to a maa teaching sub list and/or offered a teaching position at maa yoga.


For more info please contact Farhad :  or 604-983-6229.