Join Farhad, Jaipreet and Soraya for this very special and memorable evening of healing and transformation.

Rest, relax and rejuvenate your body, your mind and your soul All night gong bath – Gong puja

Originated by Gongmaster Don Conreaux, all night gong immersion (aka Gong Puja) experience lasts about 7 ½ hours. It’s a journey that’s timeless, and as we journey with the vibration of the gong, we cleanse, unblock and experience the real self. All night gong bath promotes a deep sense of peace and well-being, strengths the nervous system, balances the chakras and increases energy and vitality.

The evening starts with a short yoga class followed by a 11 minute meditation. Next we will set up our sleeping areas and relax into a meditative space created by the gong and sacred instruments. After a restful evening, we will experience a yogic morning: sound current, yoga, meditation and light breakfast. Powerful, profound, joyful and deeply moving, it can be a life changing event.

Night Gong Bath

When:  begins FRIDAY APRIL 13 at 8pm & ends at 5:30 am THE NEXT MORNING.
Cost: $88+gst
As space is limited, pre-registration is required.