Learn new pain science research and therapeutic yoga techniques to help ease the discomfort and challenge of pain. Yoga offers simple practices to help decrease pain, increase mobility and improve the quality of your life. 

When: Saturday, June 10th, 2017
Time: 2:30-4:00pm
Cost: $45+gst

Do you suffer from chronic pain?
Millions of people live with chronic pain. Arthritis and back pain are two of the most common forms, but others include everything from injuries to migraines to cancer. Chronic pain impacts all areas of a person's life; mind, body and spirit. Thanks to its holistic body-mind approach, yoga can help.

Yoga and mindfulness for pain relief
Yoga offers simple practices and techniques- which can be done at home, at work and in daily activities to manage and feel relief from chronic pain. Yoga poses, breath work and meditation offer integrated, comprehensive healing. You will learn techniques to release stress and tension, experiencing deep relaxation in both body and mind.

Yoga for ease of movement
Chronic pain can make movement difficult.  Gentle yoga poses and mindfulness help you learn how to move safely in your body, reduce pain, increase your mobility and flexibility. 

Guiding you
Tianne Allan, Registered Yoga Therapist, learnt the rewards of training body & mind as a high performance athlete. After an injury, she turned to yoga for rehabilitation & found it offered everything she needed to heal & strengthen her body. Tianne’s experience, light-hearted approach & clear instruction enables students of all levels to find the ease & joy.

ABOUT tianne

Tianne's passion for health and well-being began in competitive sport. As a high performance athlete and coach ffor over 20 years, she learned first-hand the rewards of training the body and mind. After a serious injury, she turned to yoga for rehabilitation and was surprised to discover that yoga not only offered everything she needed to physically strengthen and heal her body, it also offered the opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection and understanding of herself and of finding peace within the trauma. The experience was so powerfully transformative, Tianne now devotes her time to teaching yoga and offering yoga therapy. She specializes in restorative yoga and restorative yoga therapeutics.