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Join Farhad & Maximo in this sacred heart opening ceremony.

A cacao ceremony is a joyful process which empowers us to connect, be and live within our heart. Cacao is an ancient medicine which works in all the levels of our being. It works on the fiscal body as a powerful antioxidant, a great heart health enhancer and it triggers the secretion of bliss chemicals within our bodies such as Serotonin (the happiness hormone). On an emotional level it can empower our healing of blocked emotions while helping us express them, therefore release them. On a mental level cacao improves blood flow to the brain, therefore enhancing concentration and clarity. On a spiritual level Cacaocito (the cacao spirit) has the power to greatly empower us to open our heart and allow pure Joy and Love to come and fill us up with bliss. Cacao is great for meditation, empowers creativity and brings inspiration In to our lives. This is what we intend while hosting a Cacao Ceremony, heart connection and expansion. 

During the Ceremony we usually include a smudging and cleansing with Copal (mayan incense), some movement, Intention setting, drinking the Cacao, an explanation about Cacao, the uses and respect the ancients gave to it, sound and crystal healing, heart meditation and a sharing circle.

Cacao Ceremony with Farhad & Maximo

Saturday, October 6 | 6:30-9pm

Early registration Cost: $40 +gst — 3 days prior and at door cost: $45 +gst