Learn the benefits of yoga and yoga styles in this beginner’s workshop with Farhad Khan.

We will go over the basic foundational alignment used in most hatha and vinyasa yoga classes. Moving through Sun salutations with modifications, props, and correct alignment techniques. In this workshop we will also cover basic standing poses such as: Mountain pose, Warrior 1, 2, 3, Chair pose, down dog, plank with modifications, triangle pose, and half moon.

This will be a workshop style class open to discussion and learning on what is working and was needs to be addressed to better understand your body and the basic traditional postures of yoga. No prior yoga experience in necessary. This workshop is ideal for new students who would like to gain a better knowledge on the poses and correct alignment.

yoga for beginners

When:  Saturday january 13
time: 1:30-4pm
Cost: $40+gst