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I sincerely believe the combination of Gentle Somatic Yoga, the back mitra, and the healing space at Maa freed me from pain and gave me my life back. 

I first found yoga in 2003 at a very ambitious time in my life.  As a marathon runner, the rigor of Ashtanga Yoga suited my compulsion to 'exercise' and provided excellent cross training in strength and flexibility.  After many years of dipping in and out of various styles of yoga, my practice now has evolved, much like my life has, to a much slower, softer pace.

In 2015, after suffering with deep physical and emotional pain for over two years, which I had attempted to address with therapy, massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy, I attended Lindsay Collins' restorative therapeutic class at Maa and found immediate relief.  Within two months of practicing under Linsay's masterful guidance, I was pain free.

In gratitude I pursued certifications in Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and Gentle Somatic Yoga and feel so honoured to be able to share this work from the teacher's mat.