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This 2-hour workshop is a practical excursion into the quantum field of self-healing and personal transformation combining sound healing and inner awareness.

The key ingredients of this recipe are personally picked by soul healer, recording artist, consciousness coach and author Colin Hillstrom. Join us for a life changing 2-hour workshop and you will discover how to:

  •     Remove the blocks to health, happiness, love, and success
  •     Access greater intuition
  •     Elevate your life with the "3 keys to changing destiny"
  •     Heal your relationships for good

In addition to playing two sound baths, Colin will guide you through explorations into the field of power and consciousness with several of his favorite spiritual teachings tools, including THE ANATOMY OF SPIRIT by Caroline Myss and LETTING GO by David R. Hawkins.

Discover The 3 Keys To
Manage Your Inner Power workshop with Colin Hillstrom

Sunday AUGUST 19 | 2-4pm

Early registration Cost: $44 +gst — 3 days prior and at door cost: $49 +gst

About Colin:

Colin Hillstrom, BA (ec) has a broad background spanning financial planning, corporate finance, holistic healing, energy medicine, energy psychology, and consciousness coaching. Colin has worked with thousands of clients, has authored several books on wellness and self-mastery, and has consulted and designed several holistic wellness centers (one of which is recommended by Suzanne Somers in her bestselling book “Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness”

More recently, Colin (also a certified sound therapist since 1997) has added a set of 12 alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls to his tool kit. He’d be delighted for you to have the experience of what alchemy sound vibration can do for you.