Maa 200hr Teacher Training 2016 Graduates

Maa 200hr Teacher Training 2016 Graduates



A personal journey of discovery.. … Laughter, Fun! Friends for life! Exhausting, challenging physically, mentally spiritually. It is a wonderful, well-organized, well planned curriculum. Classes and learning in a very supportive atmosphere. The teachers are amazing, passionate and authentic. They teach with integrity that is exemplified in the way they live their lives! The training has opened a door onto another way of life. I am thirsting for more knowledge. So very sad it is going to end. Excited to see where I go from here. All sounds like clichés. However, one the best thing I have done.



Ara and Fahrad were present, gentle and enthusiastic in their sharing of yoga with us. We received a well-rounded general introduction to teaching yoga that will give us a great foundation to grow into the unique teachers that we each will become. They fostered a family environment for us students which for me is very symbolic of what yoga is, so thank you for this added bonus! I would encourage any student with a fundamental knowledge of yoga to consider your teacher training as a way to explore teaching or to deepen their practice.



Teacher training transformed my mental, physical and emotional projections which I had of myself. I am more confident in my practice, and get more out of the hours I
am putting in practicing with other teachers. I am more confident in the person I am, I am more confident in the shape and abilities of my body, and I embrace life as it
comes. The wide range of teachers that provide their teaching in different modules shines a light on the beautiful rainbow of possibilities that your future teacher self can become.

The staff at Maa are very welcoming, supportive and inclusive. I strongly recommend taking the teacher training program at Maa. I have so much love to give, and I am glad yoga will be an avenue that I will be able hold space for people in future to find their path along the life long journey of yoga. May your yoga practice be the mirror of reflections you need.



This was an amazing experience. It was really special to have such a small, intimate group. It was extremely hands-on and we had lots of real opportunities to teach poses and sequences right from the very first weekend. I think the inclusion of all the different teachers, with their diverse knowledge and experience was invaluable; so many different teaching styles and perspectives to learn from.



I have been wanting to take yoga teacher training for years, and when I heard it was being offered right here at Maa Yoga Studio, I knew it was time! Farhad and Ara took such care in creating an amazing program. Every aspect of the course was extremely well-organized and thought out. The manual is thorough, easy to
follow and well laid-out. I know that I will be referring to this for years to come!

I felt supported the whole way through by Farhad and Ara, as well as all the guest teachers that we were blessed to have join along the way. A truly worthwhile and enriching experience. I can’t wait to see where it leads us all!