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Join Farhad and Savanna in this 2 hour class where we will move through seven restorative postures, each to open the seven main energy centres of the body to allow for deep healing and stress release.

We will guide you in and out of the seven healing postures while we play sound tools to stimulate the process of healing and therapeutic release. Sound tools that we will be playing consist of the tibetan bowls, quartz crystal bowls and the symphonic gongs. We will also chant sacred mantras that evoke each chakra we are working on. The benefits of this experience will help with any creative blocks, release of unwanted stress, and bring overall lightness and joy.

Restore | Chakra Balance | Sound Healing with Farhad & Savanna

Saturday, July 14 | 7-9pm

Early registration Cost: $30 +gst — 3 days prior and at door cost: $35 +gst