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for the Upper Body | with Sharon Brown-Horton

Thai Yoga Massage incorporates gentle rocking, passive yogic style stretches and massage that is done over clothing. Learn how to offer your partner, friends and family easy and effective Thai Yoga Massage for the upper body.

What you will learn:
• The history of Thai Yoga Massage and how to apply the techniques on a partner
• 3-Thai Yoga Stretches for chest and shoulder: “Row the Boat”, “Hand Prayer” & “Chicken Wing”
• 3-Thai Yoga Stretches for the back: “Cat-Cow”, “Assisted Shoulder Stand”, “Rotation Twist”
• 3-Thai Yoga Massage techniques for the neck: “Ice Pick”, “Nutcracker”, “Thumb Finger Circles”
• Learn how to apply Thai Massage techniques for the back, neck and shoulders that use the elbows, forearms, palms and fingers

What is included:
• Handouts with diagrams and abbreviated descriptions of each technique
• Instructor detailed demonstration and hands-on assistance on how to perform Thai Yoga Massage on your partner
• Participants will have the opportunity to both give and receive Thai Yoga Massage

*No massage experience is necessary - everyone is welcome. You can choose to take this course solo and be partnered up with someone in the class, or you can register with your chosen partner, friend, parent or child (aged 12+).

Partner Thai Yoga Massage for the Upper Body with Sharon Brown-Horton

Sunday, November 24 | 1-4pm

Early Registration: $55 +gst — 7 days prior / door: $65 +gst

About Sharon:

As a Certified Affiliate Instructor of the ‘ITM Thai Massage School’, Sharon travels to communities across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver to teach Thai Massage and Reflexology to RMT’s, Yoga Instructors and Health & Wellness Practitioners.

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