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Join Leila Stuart, international Yoga Therapy teacher, online educator and author. Learn experiential anatomy and yoga therapy techniques to explore the psoas as a muscle of movement, support and integration.

Drawing from her forthcoming book co-authored with Donna Farhi "Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain and Moving with Ease", Leila will teach a two day workshop at Maa Yoga.

Awareness of this "yogic" muscle can turn your practice and teaching into a living process of transformation in which you live and move from your wholeness.  The psoas is a muscle of integration. It creates a bridge by linking the body back to front, upper to lower, core to periphery, spine to limbs, and deeper self to public self.  In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Use experiential anatomy to access, relax and lengthen your psoas to its maximum resting length.
  • Experience your psoas as a source of core stability and centrally initiated movement.
  • Explore the role of your psoas in spinal, hip, and pelvic alignment, pain and dysfunction.
  • Engage the psoas to feel more deeply centered in your true self and access your inner power.

This workshop is suitable for yoga students and teachers, movement teachers of all disciplines and health practitioners including massage therapists, physiotherapists and kinesiologists. 

The Supportive Psoas: Yoga Therapy for the Spine, Pelvis and Legs — 2 day Workshop

April 21-22, 2018
 Saturday 1:30-6:30pm / Sunday 2-7pm
Cost: $285 + GST


Leila Stuart BA, LLB is and RMT and Yoga Therapist and has practiced and taught yoga for over 40 years.

 Leila developed and taught an innovative Yoga Therapy training for 15 years, focusing on experiential anatomy, alignment and movement re-patterning, and embodiment of the deeper teachings of yoga as pathways to self-healing. With deep love and intuitive knowledge of experiential anatomy, Leila specializes in transforming academic information into somatic awareness and life changing experience. She is the author of Pathways to a Centered Body, co-authored with Donna Farhi. She teaches in Canada and internationally.

For more info, visit : www.leilastuart.com

Leila Stuart BA, LLB is and RMT and Yoga Therapist